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Influenced by such artists as: Tom Waits, Ray Lamontagne, Glen Hansard, Vic Chesnutt and Bon Iver, Scott Midlane’s music veers within the darker aspects of: life, love and doomed relationships. Full of: heartbreak, emotional breakdowns, infidelity and the darkened thoughts they bring, the human condition’s worst features are laid bare and further fuelled by whiskey and red wine.


Honest, raw and ever so slightly misanthropic, Scott has played such prestigious venues as: The Globe (Cardiff), The Thekla (Bristol), The Robin 2 (Bilston) and Nozstock as well as many bars across the country (to whom he still owes a bar tab or two…). Currently based in Blackpool, he plans to take his act to a more vibrant and accepting city in the near future.


Scott has participated in two major UK tours, has two EP's out ('Midlane,' and 'Head Down') and his debut album (‘The Bitter Before The Sweet’) is available now on his Bandcamp page..


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email: midlane@scottiedogma.co.uk


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